Stacy Brafield - Greener Innercity
October 24th - November 2nd, 2014
Bergen City Hall, for UN association

Since 2014 is the International year of Family Farming, artist Stacy Brafield will grow vegetables and herbs in the foyer at the city hall. The bay window will be transformed into a greenhouse, and the corridor will host a bed of vegetables and herbs. The audience are welcomed to help themselves to the crops.

Being self-sustained can mean life or death in large parts of the world. The constant physical work required to be able to live of the land is miles apart from what goes on in a typical allotment in Norway, where people produce vegetables and fruit mostly as a leisure activity.

Does UN’s theme of the year have any relevance to us Norwegians directly, and could we – one of the richest countries in the world – also benefit from increased small scale farming?

On Friday October 24th at 1pm, the city commissioner Helge Stormoen opens the exhibition in the city hall. The UN Association of Norway encourages everyone to stop by! brafield greener innercity.jpg